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Sugaring is a gentler alternative to waxing. Clean Smooth Skin uses Tamara's Organic Sugar. Our most popular service is a brazilian. Since the sugar paste is water based it glides deeper into the hair follicles weakening the hairs with every visit. Clients notice a difference after their first sugaring. Sugaring is a service that can be done on all bodies, males and females head to toe.

Preparation Tips


Let It Grow

Make sure you have at least 2-3 weeks of hair growth or trim hair to ½ a pinky length on the area where the hair that will be removed. The longer the hair, the easier it can be removed.


Just Relax

Most clients are nervous and scared before their first ever hair removal experience. This is NORMAL. Just relax. Breathe. Really, it's not as bad as you made it out to be in your head.


Get Clean

As close to your appointment, take a shower and thoroughly wash any parts that will be sugared.


Dress Clean

Bring clean clothing for after your sugar appointment, especially the clothing that is directly touching your skin. Suggestions are a clean T-Shirt or underwear.

Sugar Hair Removal

Our Process

  1. Initial Appointment: Client will fill out a Liability Form and a quick questionnaire.
  2. Client will be guided to the Sugar Room, and then asked if they have any questions or concerns. If you are getting a Brazilian, please inform the technician if you want to leave hair on top.
  3. Client will remove clothing from the area to be sugared. Baby wipes are available to freshen up.
  4. Client will climb aboard the sugaring table.
  5. Technician will wash her hands and apply gloves to ensure a sterile environment.
  6. Technician will clean, powder, and sugar area, and then re-clean area and apply soothing oil. Service is done!
  7. Most people, including myself, are not super excited about the process of hair removal, yet very happy when the service is done. They also say, "That wasn't so bad."
  8. Be prepared to feel clean and smooth.

After Care

  1. Technician will recommend client come back in 3-5 weeks for a clean up. If your desired result is permanent hair reduction, then reschedule consistent appointments at 3, 4, or 5 weeks.
  2. Client must exfoliate and moisturize sugared area every day. This is most important for people who get ingrown hairs. The best lotion to use is Water-based Lotion — that means the lotion's first listed ingredient is water. Technician will recommend exfoliation and lotions that are sold on site.
  3. It is recommended to abstain from sweaty or naughty activities for 48 hours after service is conducted.
  4. Caution: Get ready to act a little indecent. Sugar Hair Removal causes people to want to scream to their friends and family that they are "hair free"... sometimes adding "down there." ;-)
  5. Feel free to text Juliette @ (707) 385-9737 if you have any questions or concerns. No question is too small.
Sugaring Eyebrows

First pic is clients right brow prepped with powder, ready to be sugared. All the rest are brows after they are sugared. Due to the age of the client, 15, I try to take off as little hair as possible. #brows #cleansmoothskin #natural #beauty #client #rohnertpark

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Chest Hair Removal

Sugar hair removal method can be done all over the body. The technique used is mold and flick. Sugar is applied on the body, molded opposite direction of hair growth patterns and flicked off in the direction of the hair growth. This application causes minimal irritation and makes the hair softer and finer with every sugar experience.

Certified Organic sugaring since 2014

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Tanned and hairless body

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