Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning is a healthy way to give your skin some color. South Seas Skincare Solutions works on every body creating a radiant natural sun-kissed look. A spray tan will dress up any outfit, like the ones on Dancing with the Stars. Whether you are going on a date, getting married or a weekend camping trip a spray tan will make you shine.

Preparation Tips



Exfoliate your whole body, focusing on areas that will be showing, such as legs. You can also take a rough washcloth with soap and scrub everywhere.


Remove Hair

Shave, wax, or sugar anywhere that's important to you prior to your spray tan appointment.



Get a manicure or pedicure before your appointment or only do polish change after your spray tan appointment — you don't want to lose your tan while beautifying your nails!



Bring loose clothing, including flip flops, to your appointment. Most people bring dark clothing for after their spray tan in case color transfers to material.

Spray Tanning

The spray tan experience takes 25 minutes. Spray Tans boost self-esteem, blend uneven skin tones, enhance muscles and smooth out blemishes. The color will be fully developed in 8 hours. All Services are for men and women.

Spray Tan Experience

You have the choice to wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. This can include a bathing suit, sports bra, bandeau or your birthday suit.

  1. All new clients will sign a Release of Liability.
  2. The spray tan technician will lead you to the spray tan room.
  3. The technician will ask you if you have any questions
  4. The technician will ask you if you want to use your own underwear, disposables or go nude
  5. The technician will leave, to let the client undress, please remember to take off any jewelry and put your hair up. After undressing you will be directed to go into the booth with your back side facing out.
  6. This is also a good time to clean your face with baby wipes provided
  7. Client should be in booth when the technician knocks upon entering
  8. The spray tan experience consists of spraying the back side of the client, the front side of the client, the sides of the client and the face of the client. Technician will then spray hands and do any final touches.
  9. The service ends with the technician drying the client with the HVLP gun and a quick look to make sure the spray tan is even all over the body.
  10. After both the client and technician agree on the tan, the client will get dressed and exit the spray tan room.
  11. A home care guide is given to all clients and the technician will show the client home care products to extend the tan.
  12. If taken care of a spray tan should last at least 7 days.
  13. The best way to keep your tan is to let it fully develop over an 8 hour period, and use a water based moisturizer every day you want the tan to last. A spray tan fades quicker on the face, hands and feet. South Seas Tahitian Tan Mist can help with these areas.

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Tanned and hairless body

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